Timeless Design


Welcome to a very different kind of jewellery website. Rabari offers you an exclusive range of jewellery where each piece is a one-off vintage treasure individually sourced for you from the heart of Asia.
Jewellery of this calibre is generally only found in museums and private collections around the world but this collection has been put together with the aim of making this historical art available for you to purchase in a way that has never been done before.
When you buy a piece of Rabari jewellery, you are not just buying an item of jewellery but a rare historical artefact that was especially commissioned and worn by the women of some of Asia's most exciting tribes.
These items are not mass produced. Each piece is entirely unique and made by hand with an extraordinary level of care and attention by craftsmen who viewed them not just as items of jewellery but as an affirmation of status and class.


A Labour Of Love


Dreaming up these fantasies in silver and gold necessitated employing a wide range of ancient techniques to manifest them into reality. These skills, many of them guarded family secrets, were passed down through generations of craftsmen over centuries becoming ever more refined as they evolved. Using basic tools and a steady hand, the silver or goldsmith constructed these adornments piece by piece often taking weeks to perfect each one. Creating jewellery in this way was a long and painstaking process that could only be undertaken after years of training and apprenticeship. In fact many of the methods used to produce them are now no longer in practice as the majority of these exotic peoples have become integrated into mainstream societies.
When handling these evocative designs, you are immediately aware that you are not cradling just any piece of jewellery but an authentic objet d'art from the depths of the mysterious east. There is certainly something of Indiana Jones about these treasures! They are not easy to find, requiring specialist skills, knowledge and determination to track each one down.
Whether you are looking for style or statement, Rabari's collection boasts both elegant and edgy pieces that will not fail to attract comment whenever you wear them.
From giant crenellated and ribbed silver bangles to intricate filigreed cuffs, these are items you can collect and wear for years and are an invaluable addition to any jewellery collection.


A Stylish Investment


Each piece of Rabari jewellery is unique in it own right. Crafted by hand over weeks or months, it has been carefully selected for its scarcity and workmanship assuring you of making an excellent choice. Our pieces are mostly made from silver, of about 80% purity - often originating from British silver coin that was traded for opium to be sold in China until the advent of the Opium Wars in the early 19th century when the practice was finally outlawed. So indeed the silver content of these items alone has had a very colourful history.

Remember, not only are Rabari jewellery pieces elegant and statement making but they are also a great investment. The antique value of your item will likely rise, and as the prices of precious metals continue to soar worldwide, it can be assumed that the value of your jewellery is increasing too.
Payment is simple, just click on the basket next to your item to use your Paypal account and you will receive your purchase through the post by the next working day delivery. We also welcome personal cheques the details for which are on the terms page.

If you would like to speak to us on the phone before you buy then please do give us a call on the number below or write by email and it will be our pleasure to provide you with any further information you require.

We hope you enjoy looking at the all the sensational jewellery exhibited here and discover some real treasure for yourself.


Best wishes