Rajashani Torque
Circa 1985
Dia 15cm
Height 29cm



Tribal women in Rajasthan take their jewellery seriously. Two dramatic pendants swing from the ribbed neck-piece, which fastens at the front. Sometimes it is the repairs that give jewellery its extra charm. This one has been lovingly repaired (with a small section of wire on the right pendant) which gives it a history and personality that make it a gorgeous and unique piece of Banjara gypsy jewellery. (No silver content)


Lambadi Torque
Andhra Pradesh
Circa Early 20th Century.
Width 19cm
Height 27cm



Worn by the women of the Lambadi tribe signifying their marriage and respectability as an adult housholder. This gorgeously strong adornment is a really special find and a testament to the skills and sensitivity of the rural silversmith who created it. The coiled wire detailing is particularly fine and adds a delicate touch to a bold statement neck piece(Low Silver Content)


Silver Torque
Circa Early 20th Century
Neck Width 7cm
Width 15cm



Buying antique jewellery gives you a sense of individuality, and the reassurance that you'll never encounter someone else wearing the same! This beautiful original is a certified one-off from a remote area of Afghanistan. Bold and substantial, it chimes perfectly with the current tribal trend. The stunning detail has been worked by hand on heavy silver. Others may imitate it, but this is the original. Make it yours.


Afghani Silver Torque
Circa Mid Early 20th Century
Neck Width 7cm
Width 18cm



If you're serious about your jewellery collection, and being here, you probably are, then you've seen dozens of necklaces, hundreds of charms, and thousands of precious stones. But none as unique as this. This glamorous torque was, we think, designed for a bride on her wedding day (circa 1920). Each etched, plain or crystal coin carries a clutch of charmed silver hearts, contributing gentle sound and movement to the necklaces appeal. The red, green and blue glass stones were made individually. If it's your moment for a spectacular statement piece, this should fit the bill..


Shell And Bead Necklace On Leather
North Eastern States
Circa Mid 20th Century.
Width 27cm



From the untamed forests and jungles of North East India come a mesmerising wealth of bold works of jewellers art that exemplify the strength of the proud tribal warriors who inhabit these wild border states.The intuitive flair of their jewellery transcends continents and time to present us with huge and exotic pieces that tap right into modern tribal trends. Stand out with this one-off explosion of exotic exhuberance that states its style and yours unquestionably.


Buffalo Tooth Necklace
Indo-Burmese Border
Circa 70s 80s
Width 40cm



Fashion is ageless and knows no borders as this dramatic necklace points out. With jungle inspired looks making their way down the catwalk every season, reveal your inner warrioress with this spectaculor neckpiece designed for a true tribal princess. If jewellery tells a story then this piece tells a thousand. Crafted from leather and buffalo teeth this extraordinary original artifact is a masterpiece of jungle fashion. Release your tribal vibe this summer but ensure you are strong enough as this statement weighs two kilogrammes.


Vintage Tribal Coin Necklace
Circa 1970s
Chain Length 72cm



Big bold and unabashed in style, this gorgeously bohemian necklace comes from the fierce and colourful banjara tribeswomen of South India. Evoke the mystery of the East and inspire envy with this authentic piece of global exotica. No silver content.


Silver And Glass Necklace
Uttar Pradesh
Early 20th Century
Chain Length 45cm



A combination of the rare and the irresistable, this chic silver with glass over golden foil necklace comes from Lucknow, seat of Emporers since the middle ages. Each of the stones have a small red dot that signifies being blessed and therefore able to ward off ill fortune and bad spirits. In India jewellery has never been simply beautiful adornment. In this case it is a powerful talisman as well.


Silver, Glass and Cotton Katesari Choker
Uttar Pradesh
Early 20th Century
Length Adjustable



Introduce a seductive element to your look by incorporating an exquisite vintage silver and glass choker unearthed during exotic adventures in India. Each glass stone is backed by foil and contains a red dot representing protective blessings and spiritual awakening. The layered frill of silver chains and beads add to the soft feminine effect that makes this rare adornment so desirable.


Silver Flower Pendant With Fish
Himachal Pradesh
Circa Early 20th Century
Height 12.5cm
Width 9cm



Add a touch of bohemian flair with this easy to wear pendant. Worn long on silk , leather or chain it is perfect for running around town or a chic evening out. Beautiful women have always worn talismens - either to protect them, or to bring them their desires. This eye-catching pendant is the latter. Fish are an ancient symbol of prosperity and abundance and flowers of beauty. Invoke love and positivity into your life as well as your look when you shine in this powerful and unique charm.


Antique Silver and Glass on Foil Necklace
Uttar Pradesh
Circa Early 20th Century
Chain Length -Variable



Update your look with a truly spectacular showstopper of a necklace that personifies the exotic glamour of the East. This much loved adornment is missing a green element but it has been subtly repaired and we had to be shown it to notice. The chain is not the original but a gorgeous antique silver one from South India with a delightful dangle at the end. Despite these anomolies or perhaps because of them, this necklace is all the more covetable and can be worn long or short as is your pleasure. Prepare for envious stares!


Silver And Glass Heart Necklace
Himachal Pradesh
Circa Early 20th Century
Length 56cm
Chain Lenght 78cm
Pendant Height 19cm



Once in a while we come across a piece of jewellery that makes our hearts beat faster and this is one of those. Even the chain is an intricate masterpiece of the silversmiths work. The set glass stones and flowing dangles capture the essence of the warm hearted Himalayan women who adorn themselves with such pieces.This almost-otherworldly adornment is simultaneously traditional and supremely contemporary. Textural chased detailing adds a three dimensional edge that enhances the shape and draws in the eye.








Silver Torque
Circa Mid 20th Century
Inner Diameter 12.5cm



There is something about an unclasped torque - like an unfinished love affair - that will appeal to the romantic in you. This beautiful silver example of an Indian torque sweeps gently around the neckline, stopping short of full circle. Originally designed for a beautiful women from one of the nomadic tribes of Gujarat, the elegant immovable form and its skillfully detailed stampwork make this a neckpiece that lingers in the memory.


Antique Silver Peacock Necklace
Amulet Circa 19th Century
Chain Circa Late 20th Century
Amulet Height 11cm
Chain lengh Inc Amulet 37cm



Amulets are made to protect and enhance the person who it adorns. In this case the peacocks surrounded by flowers symbolise joy, beauty and love, bringing romantic harmony to the life of the wearer. A tree growing between the birds expresses the hope of a family to be born from the relationship. The arrow-head plaque has been masterfully worked by hand from both sides and is fringed with ornamental bells.  The pendant is antique but the chain is vintage, around 30 years old. The chain itself is decorated with Italian coral and two beads of beautifully faceted Iranian turquoise. Also present are hand crafted silver spacing elements culminating in two exquisitely granulated beads adjoining the pendant. This deep dark patina of the silver takes a decade to produce naturally, so we leave it to you whether to polish back some, or all of the brightness.


Vintage Boho Gypsy Coin Necklace
Gujarat India
Circa 1975 
Chain Length 62cm
Pendant Height 13cm



Create an exotic look with bold tribal jewellery. Authentic coin necklaces from the deep tropical south of India are totally cool and extremely covetable. Incorporating vintage coinage with cleverly embellished metalic tassels adds a feminine touch of gypsy glamour. Assert your own style and restring with sumptuous silk or boho beads. No silver content.


Ceremonial Tibetan Neckpiece or Gorget
Zanskar Valley
Circa Late 20th Century
Width 36cm
Length 39cm
Depth 1cm



Make a daring statement for any season with this exquisite Tibetan gorget from the remote Zanskar Valley, deep in the high Himalayas of India. Embroidered with turquoise, coral, agate, mother of pearl, and sandalwood beads on a padded cotton ground this rare and beautiful neckpiece cannot help but capture the room. 


Tribal Gypsy Metal Torque
Circa Late 19th Century
Diameter 18.5cm
Height 27cm
No silver content. 



We procured this torque from the young decendant of it's tribal Lamani owner. His great grandmother was a wild nomadic gypsy who wore this it as a sign unique of her tribe as well as an ornament to enhance her beauty. Completely hand crafted from a metal featuring stamping and chasing, wear causually to invoke your hidden wild side. 


Vintage Silver & Glass Pendant
Uttar Pradesh
Circa Mid 20th Century
Total Height 9.5cm
Width 6.2cm



A glamourous forhead pendant once worn by bride in India to symbolise the ancient celestial symbol of the moon. With a long history in painting and sculpture these hair pieces are also found on todays Bollywoods fashion runways adorning the modelling stars of the current era. Wear as a necklace and evoke a sophisticated touch of the East. Masterfully set with foil backed glass this pendant gleams with a warm gold colour in the light.  


Vintage Silver Amulet Holder
With Handmade Silver Chain
Circa 1920s
Width 6.5cm
Chain 46cm (18") 37g
74g (without chain)



It has long been a tradition in India for women of import to carry magical protective talismen usually taking the form of prayers on paper blessed by a holy person or place. Beautiful containers were made to carry these items close to the heart. This dramatic pendant exemplifies the silversmiths loving attention to detail. Elegantly decorated with engraved floral motifs and a glittering embossed central band, the pendant hides a masterfully disguised silver cylinder in which to keep a cherished charm. The silver snake chain is vintage, hand cast and constructed by an expert cratsman in Andhra Pradesh and is perfectly matched with the soft easy shape of the enchantingly embelished amulet carrier.



Vintage Silver Lingam Holder
Circa Mid 20th Century
Pendant Height 4cm
Chain Length 40cm
30g inc Silver Chain (Newly Added)




Vintage Tibetan Silver Coral Turquoise & Lapis Lazuli Necklace
Circa Late 20th Century
Chain Length 36cm
Width 23cm



A dramatic and captivating necklace from the high altitude valleys of the Tibetan Plateau in Ladakh, India. Worn as a festival adornment and amulet of good fortune by the warm hearted Tibetan women who inhabit this rare world above the clouds, every element is designed to benefit the wearer. With old Italian coral for strength, Tibetan turquoise for good health, Afghani lapis lazuli for wisdom and gorgeously crafted silver lotus buds symbolising spiritual growth, you can step out confident in the knowledge that not only are you making an eye-catching fashion statement but also emanating goodness both inside and out. 
This piece is modelled by Helen on our FB page.


Vintage Gypsy Coin Necklace
Lamani Tribe
Circa 1960s
Chain Length 34 cm



Add a twist of tropical tribal chic with a beautiful gypsy coin necklace from the early 60s' Karnataka, India. Currency is a girls best friend so to make sure they always had some to hand, it was incorporated into their jewellery design. An eye-catching geometric pendant makes this necklace an ultra-special piece. No silver content.


Antique Tibetan Silver & Turquoise Necklace
Circa 1900
Chain Length 45cm (18")
Pendant Height 12cm
Pendant Width 8.5cm



Capture the spirit of the mystical Himalayas with a glamorous yet sophisticated necklace from the Tibetan culture of Ladakh in northern India. Studded with Tibetan turquoise and fringed with tiny silver bells, the chain of the necklace is a work of art in itself exhibiting skilful cutwork to create an appealing star design that symbolises the perfect state of meditation. With turquoise linked to physical health and silver related to purity, this necklace like so many pieces of Asian jewellery is not merely an item of eye-popping jewellery but a statement of ones intention of a pure healthy life and higher spiritual attainment. A rare and beautiful piece.


Vintage Gypsy Coin Necklace
Circa 1980s
Chain Length 72cm



Channel your inner boho babe with a wow-worthy tribal necklace. This one of a kind piece from the mountains of South India evokes a cool hippie vibe from the 70s. The chunky ethnic pendant hand-incised with a whimsical floral design completes the look. The perfect backdrop for a season vibrant with tribal energy. No silver content.


Vintage Tribal Gypsy Necklace
South India
Circa Mid 20th Century
Pendant Height 11.5cm
Chain Length 42cm



A beautiful interpretation of the jewellers creativity, this voluptuous vintage neck piece from the deep tropical south of India is both statement making and sophisticated. There is a gentle femininity in the chain dangles and bead glass beads that frame the heart-shaped pendant, itself fringed with tiny delicately formed bells. A rare and wonderful piece. No silver content.