Silver and Gilded Temple Pendant with Turquoise and Coral
Circa Early 20th Century
Length 26cm
Max Width 6cm
Pair Available

£480 each


This lavish pendant demands a special occasion. Once it was a temple ceremony - today, it might be dressed up or down to suit a wedding or celebration. Crafted from silver, this magnificently intricate pendant contrasts the soft sheen of fire gilded silver with bright turquoise and sensuous coral. Originally worn on either side of the head to form a headdress, this gorgeously unique pendant is ready to be repurposed: and the desert silversmith who once put in so many hours of dedication would be pleased to see it being enjoyed again.   


Silver Belt
Andhra Pradesh India
Circa Early 20th Century
Length 78cm
Closed Length 76cm
Height (max) 6cm



Highly sought-after by collectors, original Indian girdles are valued not just for their design but also their historical importance. Individually made for a prestigious customer, this silver girdle is a showcase of the silversmith's considerable talents. Extremely finely cast and chased, it is the product of an exceptionally highly-trained craftsman with an eye for detail. A rare high quality example of the genre which can be worn today with great effect. Access is made via a removable screw in the centreal decoration.


Silver Comb
Circa Mid 20th century
Width 8.4cm
Height 5.4cm



To ensure they smelt sweet all day, Indian princesses would fill their hair-combs with scented oils. This silver replica is based on the same enchanting design with tiny holes through which the oil can slowly seep. Made in the 1970s using traditional methods of engraving and chasing, it features a pair of beautiful peacocks. A wonderfully feminine idea - beautifully realised. 


Bronze Peacock Box
Circa Early 20th Century
Height 12cm



Cast using the ancient lost-wax process by tribal nomadic metalsmiths of Eastern India, this piece is a testament to the skills and creativity of these talanted artisans. For precious jewels, earrings or gold, the individually cast halves of this dainty pot lock together to protect your most treasured possessions. An exotic addition to any dressing table!


Vintage Tribal Embroidery Handbag
Sindh Province
Textile Circa 1970
Width 47cm
Height With Handle 70cm



Embrace the bohemian trend and create an instant splash of joyful colour. This stunning explosion of tribal embroidery will "wow" friends and colleagues alike. Collected from the very finest vintage textiles from across the Thar desert and adorned with original vintage tribal pom-poms and metal beads - Rabari has had our seamstresses create an exotic one-off take on your everyday bag.


Vintage Silver, Turquoise & Coral Belt Buckle.
Circa 1970s
Width 7.5cm
Height 6.5cm



Occasionally on our travels we come across items that are reletively modern, yet created according to ancient designs that employ the skills acquired over generations of jewellers. This belt buckle is one such piece. The finely detailed dragons and fish representing strength and abundance respectively have been embossed in silver before being exquisitely finished using delicate chasing and repousse. Set with real Tibetan turquoise and coral from Italy this one of a kind buckle is just waiting to be transformed into a beautiful boho belt. 


Ladakhi Ceremonial Crown
Zanskar Valley
Circa Mid 20th Century
Height 25cm
Width 20cm
Depth 20cm



Although we are passionate about antique and vintage jewellery we cannot help ourselves when coming across other incredible accessories like this amazing Ladakhi ceremonial crown from one of the remotest valleys in India near to the Tibetan border. Overflowing with huge chunks of turquoise interspersed with agate and carnelian, it is bordered with coral, mother of pearl and sandalwood beads. Crowns such as these are worn by women when attending rituals and ceremonies. The crown and other ritual adornments are traditionally passed from one generation to another. (See related Gorget in "Necklaces" catagory).


Vintage Tribal Hair Ornament as Light Pull
Lamani Tribe
Circa 1980s
Height 6.5cm
Non Silver

£25 each


An elegant vintage handmade dangle, once part of a Lamani Tribes woman's hair ornamentation from the depths of inland South India. These make wonderfully unique ethnic chic light pulls  Only 6 are available. All in complete condition. Non Silver.


Silver Cobra
Circa Mid 20th Century
Height 10cm



Symbolising "kundalini" power, the cosmic energy coiled and slumbering within us all, the cobra has found its place as a sacred and mystical creature in Indian culture. This particular expression of the beloved cobra has been formed by hand from silver, painstakingly enbellished with hand stamped markings and carefully oxidised to emphasise the effect. Snakes are often produced in Indian jewellery and this one can be seen as a piece of jewellery that cannot be worn but admired on your dressing table as a reminder of your inner spirituality. A rare find indeed.