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Unique, sensual, inspiring. 

Own a piece of exotic vintage jewellery.

Come in and close the door behind you. You've discovered Rabari, a trove of breathtaking jewels from Asia.


This private collection has been gathered during years of travel (and intrepid exploration) in India, Nepal and Central Asia. Our criteria of beauty, craftsmanship and history make every piece a source of awe and fascination. To own one, you need not venture out into the dusty desert, travel through snow-capped Himalayas, or combat outlaws. Simply step into our gallery and choose a unique piece of design history.


From spectacular silver filigree cuffs to mirrored court rings and glassy enamel neckpieces, the collection boasts a range of glorious accessories that chime effortlessly with so many looks. And for once, you can justify your extravagance. Because wearing one of these spectacular pieces isn't just an indulgence, it's an investment.